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Over our 12+ years operating as a Mandarin Chinese education company, we've come across an increasing number of requests for English tutoring; whether for Chinese students seeking to improve their English fluency, or families in need of GCSE English tuition, our highly selective and growing team of English tutors is here to help!

Manhattan Mandarin's tutors are all fluent in both Mandarin and English, making us uniquely positioned to help Chinese students with their English tutoring needs.

Private English tutoring sessions are conducted in-home, online, in-office, at our Wework locations, or anywhere requested by the student.


Since 2012, Manhattan Mandarin has proudly provided more than 100,000 hours of private lessons, building cherished relationships with our students and their families along the way


Manhattan Mandarin will provide all learning materials needed to optimize your lessons. 

Harry Keyte

Founder and English Tutor

GCSE Mandarin Chinese Tutor London

Harry Keyte is a professional Mandarin Chinese tutor based in London with over 10,000 hours of private and group Mandarin tutoring experience. Harry founded Manhattan Mandarin UK in 2022 after seven great years of teaching Mandarin in NYC. He has run the after school Mandarin programs and taught at St. Bernard's, Buckley, Chapin, Spence, and Allen-Stevenson. He grew up in New York City, where he attended St. Bernard’s and Trinity School. Since completing two intensive CET Mandarin language programs in Shanghai and Beijing, Harry has greatly enjoyed helping non-heritage and heritage Mandarin students of all ages and levels master a language that he too once was daunted by! Harry is greatly suited for helping beginner and non-native speakers tackle their early Mandarin challenges while making lessons fun. 

Harry is available for in-person, in-office, and remote private Mandarin lessons in London, GCSE Chinese tutoring, as well as general Mandarin lessons for students of all ages and levels. Harry teaches the HSK 1 and HSK 2 Adult Beginner Mandarin Chinese Classes in Marylebone. He is also highly experienced in providing in-office beginner Mandarin lessons for businesswomen and men. 

Harry is available for GCSE English tutoring.

Teaches In: London / Remote

Liam Elliot Brady

English Tutor

GCSE Mandarin tutor London

Liam is a graduate from Cambridge University’s Chinese Studies programme and is currently reading for his master’s degree in History and International Relations at the London School of Economics. He first travelled to China in 2016, visiting Chengdu, Chongqing and Beijing as part of an immersive language exchange programme. This visit ignited an enduring fascination with China’s language and culture, one that he maintains to this day. In 2022, he underwent a year-long intensive Mandarin course in Taiwan, where he also volunteered as an instructor for a local educational NGO. Prior to Cambridge, he achieved the highest mark in the country in Mandarin Chinese Pre-U in 2019. He has also co-founded a China-oriented journal; served on the committee of a China-focused speaker’s society; and written a regular column on the intricacies of Taiwan’s food culture. Academics aside, he has an avid interest in Chinese literature, history, food and football (“soccer”), all of which he would be delighted to talk about at length over a plate of fish-fragrant aubergine, a bowl of sesame-sauce noodles, or a game of mah-jong!

Liam is available for English tutoring and classes.

Teaches In: London / Remote

Alex Yang

Mandarin Tutor


Alex is a native speaker born and raised in Shanghai. Growing up speaking Chinese, he developed great interest in ways different cultures interact. As a result, he took and mastered Advanced Placement courses in an international school and gained insight on the importance of cross-cultural communication. Alex has more than 500 hours of experience tutoring Mandarin, and several AP courses including Physics 1, Statistics, Micro&Macro Economics, and Psychology. He is currently studying at University College London for Economics and Statistics degree. Alex is also available for Math and English tutoring. 

Teaches In: London / Remote

在我们作为一家普通话教育公司运营 12 年多的时间里,我们遇到了越来越多的英语辅导请求;无论是寻求提高英语流利程度的中国学生,还是需要 GCSE 英语补习的家庭,我们精心挑选且不断壮大的英语导师团队随时为您提供帮助! ​ 曼哈顿文华的导师都精通普通话和英语,这使我们在帮助中国学生满足英语辅导需求方面处于独特的地位。 ​ 私人英语辅导课程可以在家里、在线、办公室、我们的 Wework 地点或学生要求的任何地方进行。 自 2012 年以来,曼哈顿文华自豪地提供了超过 100,000 小时的私人课程,一路与我们的学生及其家人建立了珍贵的关系。 曼哈顿文华将提供优化您的课程所需的所有学习材料。

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