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In-Office & Business Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese for the Corporate World

Since 2012, Manhattan Mandarin has specialized in providing Mandarin Chinese courses and private lessons for businesspeople of all Mandarin levels. Whether you're aiming to impress new clients with a grasp of Mandarin basics, are preparing for a move or business trip to China, or simply wish to communicate better with your own Mandarin-speaking colleagues or family members, we will put together a Chinese course fit for your goals. 

Our Mandarin Chinese lessons can be held in your London office, in your home, at one of our Wework locations, online, or anywhere suitable in London.


Our founders Harry and Jamie Keyte are widely recognized as the industry's top Mandarin Chinese teachers for beginner Mandarin lessons; our extensive team of native-speaking Chinese teachers provides flexible options for more advanced students of the language.

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