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Italian Tuition

Private Italian tutoring and classes for students of all ages and all levels

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Italian Tutor

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Camilla Fasano is a professional Italian teacher based in London, specialising in tailoring Italian tuition to various exam formats. Camilla is a doctor, and is specialising in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics. With expertise in GCSE Italian, IGCSE Italian, IB Italian, A Level Italian, and exams such as the Oxford MLAT / Cambridge MMLAA Tests, Camilla ensures her students excel in their Italian language journey. For GCSE Italian students, Camilla provides comprehensive support, focusing on language proficiency, textual analysis, and cultural understanding. Her goal is to boost students' confidence and refine their translation skills, enabling them to perform exceptionally well under exam conditions. In IGCSE Italian - Foreign Language, Camilla guides students through the curriculum, reinforcing language fundamentals and preparing them for success in examinations. She emphasizes a strong foundation for future Italian studies, empowering students to excel in their academic pursuits. With International Baccalaureate (IB) Italian, Camilla tackles the challenges of fluency and comprehension at a high level. She helps students deepen their understanding of the language, hone their translation abilities, and effectively apply their knowledge in exam settings. For A Level Italian, Camilla's approach is tailored to the individual needs of each student. She provides targeted support, focusing on areas requiring improvement, refining translation skills under time constraints, and ultimately preparing students to achieve strong results in these pivotal exams. Whether in-person or remote, Camilla's dedication to her students' success shines through in her teaching. With her guidance, students not only meet but exceed their Italian language goals, setting a solid foundation for future academic and professional endeavors.

Teaches In: London / Remote

Italian Tuition Levels

We can provide Italian tuition tailored to specific exams, for GCSE Italian, IGCSE Italian, IB Italian, A Level Italian, and Oxford MLAT / Cambridge MMLAA Tests and other University Entrance exams. We help to improve exam performance by making use of past Italian papers, reinforcing core learning, developing revision techniques, and helping students to push the boundaries of their knowledge of Italian to differentiate themselves from fellow students.


GCSE Italian tutors

GCSE Italian students will need a solid grounding in Italian language, texts, and culture. Our Italian tutors will help your child develop a fluent knowledge of the language, and maximise their ability to translate Italian across a range of different authors. We aim to build up your child’s confidence, speed, and accuracy under pressure in Italian, equipping them to excel at GCSE level.


IGCSE Italian - Foreign Language tutors

The Italian tutors we represent can help your child across all areas of the IGCSE Italian - Foreign Language curriculum. The IGCSE provides an excellent foundation for further study in Italian, and the tutors we represent will help your child take full advantage of this, reinforcing their knowledge of the language and preparing them to perform well under examination conditions.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Italian tutors

IB Italian is a challenging qualification, requiring fluency in Italian at a high level. The Italian tutors we work with will help your child to gain a deeper understanding of the language, develop their translation skills, and make use of their knowledge successfully in an exam context.


A Level Italian tutors

A Level Italian is a well respected subject suitable for many future career paths, and students have to master the language to succeed. Our Italian tutors are able to focus in on those areas where your child needs additional support, help them translate accurately under time pressure, and ultimately prepare them to perform strongly in these key exams.

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