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GCSE Chinese Classes

Get GCSE Chinese Test Ready! Online and in London

*The textbook pictured for each class isn't necessarily the one that will be used in class

Book a Free Assessment

Book a Free Mandarin Assessment for Group Class Placement

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Based on the assessment, we will adjust the class curriculum and pace to fit your child's needs.

What's Included?

A Free Trial Lesson and Assessment for Class Placement


GCSE Textbook and Workbook + All Materials Provided


Supplementary Worksheets and Mock Tests

A Chance To Join Our Manhattan Mandarin Group Events (Think Food!) and our China Trips

Whether your child is a beginner and just getting started with preparations for foundation level GCSE Chinese, or a native speaker aiming to ace the higher learning test, we will create or place them in the most suitable Mandarin class for their level.

That's why our classes are limited to 5 students - we are here to improve your child's Mandarin!

Since 2012 we have helped thousands of students prepare for every kind of Mandarin test in existence, all while learning that Mandarin classes can be both fun and edifying

What Our Students Say

​“We are delighted with Manhattan Mandarin and Jamie’s hands-on approach to Mandarin instruction. In less than one year, my children have made tremendous strides and I am confident that they are on their way to developing fluency. Through working with Jamie, they are over the first, most daunting part of learning a language (i.e. when nothing makes sense!) They now have a strong foundation from which to progress in speaking, reading and writing. Manhattan Mandarin has both native and fluent non-native instructors which I think is a strong part of their success. Jamie himself, is a role model of someone who has developed native fluency. (I am impressed that he can conduct business speaking Mandarin in China and he has a genuine respect and appreciation for Chinese language and culture). Through his unique vantage point, he can therefore, relate to his students which facilitates learning because he has done it himself and understands what is effective. We appreciate his well-planned, relevant lessons, instead of boring, rote ones. In addition, we appreciate that M+M offers specific classes to focus on different dimensions of learning a language (Speaking-Only Class, Homework Help, Pre-departure lessons, Business Program, etc….) and that one can visit the office, Skype or Facetime! Great job!  Xie Xie

Katherine M. / Buckley

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