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Whether you join us for GCSE Chinese tutoring, beginner or immersion evening Mandarin classes, private in-home Mandarin tutoring, remote homework help, in-office beginner Mandarin for business, GCSE Chinese Classes, or Mandarin classes for kids in Marylebone, we look forward to meeting you and supporting you at every step on your Mandarin journey.

Harry Keyte

Founder and Mandarin Tutor

Teaches In: London / Remote

Harry Keyte Mandarin Tutor Chinese Lessons London

Harry Keyte is a professional Mandarin Chinese tutor based in London with over 10,000 hours of experience providing Mandarin Chinese lessons. Harry founded Manhattan Mandarin UK in 2022 after seven great years of teaching Mandarin in NYC. He has run the after school Mandarin programs and taught at St. Bernard's, Buckley, Chapin, Spence, and Allen-Stevenson. He grew up in New York City, where he attended St. Bernard’s and Trinity School. Since completing two intensive CET Mandarin language programs in Shanghai and Beijing, Harry has greatly enjoyed helping non-heritage and heritage Mandarin students of all ages and levels master a language that he too once was daunted by! Harry is greatly suited for helping beginner and non-native speakers tackle their early Mandarin challenges while making lessons fun. 

Harry is available for in-person, in-office, and remote private Mandarin lessons in London, GCSE Chinese tutoring, as well as general Mandarin lessons for students of all ages and levels. Harry teaches the HSK 1 and HSK 2 Adult Beginner Mandarin Chinese Classes in Marylebone. He is also highly experienced in providing in-office beginner lessons for business Chinese. Harry 在伦敦提供线上和线下英文私教辅导.

Jamie Keyte

Founder and Mandarin Tutor

Teaches In: New York / Remote

Online Mandarin Tutor London

Jamie Keyte is a Mandarin tutor based in New York City. founded Manhattan Mandarin in 2012. ​A native New Yorker, Jamie attended The St. Bernard’s and Trinity Schools. He graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in Internationals Studies. In 2008, Jamie studied abroad where he completed an intensive Mandarin language program at CET in Shanghai.​ Upon graduating, Jamie ran high school educational tours in both China and the United States. In 2010, Jamie decided to further enhance his Mandarin skills and completed a second intensive language program in Beijing. This led him to a job at Thomson Reuters, where he became the China Project Manager for a Thomson Reuters’ subsidiary. During this time, Jamie developed the concept for Manhattan Mandarin and co-founded IvyGate, a Beijing-based SAT tutoring and high school/college application company.​ In 2019, Jamie returned to Trinity to run the Mandarin 1 program. He continues to run Manhattan Mandarin at its new New York headquarters at 153 E 70th. He has taught 10,000+ hours of private Mandarin lessons. 

Wenjie Wu

Mandarin Tutor

Teaches In: London / Remote

London Chinese GCSE Tutor

Wenjie is the head Mandarin Chinese teacher at a local secondary school in London and highly experienced in GCSE Mandarin Chinese tutoring and mentorship.. He finished his teacher training programme at UCL Institute of Education and holds a master’s degree in language teaching from King’s College London. As a native Mandarin speaker, Wenjie will help you to gain deep and connected knowledge and skills related to Mandarin while exploring the culture with a range of authentic materials selected, including Chinese classic and award-winning films and music. Your Mandarin language learning will progress in a natural way with logically sequenced and effectively implemented content. He makes sure your Mandarin learning experience at Manhattan Mandarin is super enjoyable because you’re in good hands! Wenjie is also highly experienced with HSK and YCT Mandarin exam prep, IGCSE Chinese tutoring, A-level Chinese tutoring, IB Mandarin Chinese tutoring.

Anqi La

Mandarin Tutor

Anqi is a CTCSOL certified Mandarin Chinese tutor who has been providing private Mandarin lessons in London and online for nearly 5 years. She is a native speaker with a BA in Media and Communication from University of Toronto. Her students range from 2 to 72 year olds, coming from various cultural and professional backgrounds. She enjoys cooking, traveling, yoga, swimming, tennis, art, philosophy, and watching F1. Whether you are a 3-year-old whose favourite song is “We Will Rock You”, or a 72-year-old who loves poetry from the Tang dynasty, be prepared to share your interests and experiences in life with her during lessons as well, because what else is language for? Anqi is available for remote and in-person Mandarin classes in London. She is experienced in HSK, GCSE Chinese, IGCSE Chinese , and A-level Mandarin exam preparation. She is also available for general Chinese lessons. 

Mandarin Tutor London

Teaches In: London / Remote

Dr. Shuang Wu

Mandarin Tutor

With a doctorate in Asian Studies, Dr. Wu is an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in teaching Chinese language, literature, and culture both in China and the United States. She is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and skilled in Chinese language teaching, educational technology, tutoring, and curriculum development. She came to the States in 2018 and successfully completed her teaching training program at Washington University in St. Louis.

After that, she joined East Stroudsburg University as a Chinese Instructor and responsible for the all levels Chinese language courses. She is an active member of ACTFL, CLTA. Her recent interest is in developing proficiency based on ACTFL standards, integrating technology, Chinese poetry and film in Chinese as a foreign language classroom. Her passion in these areas could inspire the students to explore the world and be curious to meet many people.

Mandarin Tutor London UK Mandarin Teacher

Teaches In: Remote

Zhishang (Eve) Wang

Mandarin Tutor

Teaches In: London / Remote

Mandarin Tutor in London

Zhishang (Eve) Wang is a Mandarin Chinese tutor based in London. Mongolian ethnic minority raised in Beijing, China. With her bilingual background, she is fluent in Mongolian and Mandarin. She is also sensitive to language nuances and developed a great interest in literature. ​Zhishang earned a BA degree in English and International Studies from China Foreign Affairs University. She spent her junior year at Barnard College, Columbia University studying Chinese and English comparative literature. After four years of hard work, she is fluent in English and has reached intermediate level French. Growing up in a multicultural community kindled her interest in language teaching and culture communicating. She also did a summer internship at Tangshan No. 46 Middle School during her senior year.​ After graduating from college, Zhishang pursued her MA degree in Comparative Literature at King's College London. In London, she started her Mandarin teaching as a private tutor. As a language learner, she can put herself into students' shoes. She believes everyone has a unique learning style, so she tailors sessions according to students' individual interests and needs. Language learning can't be separated from its culture. As a history lover and literature student, her classes are culturally rich. ​In her spare time, Zhishang loves traveling, reading, and boxing. She is also passionate about exploring different cultures. 

Christine Liu

Mandarin Tutor


Christine speaks three languages (Mandarin, English and French) and holds an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Chinese-English pathway) from the University of Manchester, which has helped her to gain a clear understanding of the structural and cultural differences between Chinese and English. Christine also works part-time as a translator and interpreter. For example, she provided interpreting services for the World Athletics and worked for the Commercial Press, one of the most well-known publishing houses in China, translating a Chinese idiom dictionary into English. In addition, Christine is passionate about Chinese culture. She is keen on explaining Chinese culture to non-native speakers and won first place in a national English writing contest in China, writing on the topic of Chinese culture. In terms of hobbies, she has been playing a traditional Chinese musical instrument, the Guqin, for 8 years. Her goal is to be a bridge between these two beautiful languages and cultures. Regardless of your age, learning requirements or cultural background, Christine always designs a tailored and fun Mandarin course to help you enjoy yourself, learn about Chinese culture and understand China.

Teaches In: Manchester / Remote

Carrie Liu

Mandarin Tutor

GCSE Mandarin Tutor Chinese Lessons London

Carrie Liu is a Mandarin Chinese tutor based in London with a background in education and extensive teaching experience. Carrie has completed the PGCE Secondary Languages Programme (Mandarin) with QTS, and holds an MA in Intercultural Communication and Education from Durham University. She has taught Mandarin to students ranging from 6 to 50+ years old at various proficiency levels. She is available for both in-person and remote Mandarin tutoring, specializing in GCSE Mandarin Chinese classes, A-level Mandarin test preparation, and general Chinese lessons (including HSK, YCT, and Jinbu). She strongly believes in the practical application of language learning, prioritizing conversation skills as part of lessons. She adapts her teaching methods to suit the diverse abilities of students and also organizes cultural activities while designing personalized learning plans. Carrie's ultimate goal is to help students overcome challenges in Mandarin while ensuring that the learning process is enjoyable. Additionally, she has achieved a Grade 9 level in piano and loves integrating music and Chinese songs into her teaching materials. Outside of teaching, she has a passion for swimming, frisbee, and various other sports. Building positive relationships with her students is of the utmost importance to Carrie, and she approaches teaching with patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Teaches In: London / Remote

Tianyun Shi

Mandarin Tutor

GCSE Mandarin Chinese Tutor London

Teaches In: London / Remote

Tianyun is a CTCSOL trained Mandarin tutor based in London. She is native Mandarin speaker born in China. She has extensive experience teaching mandarin to children and adults from schools, universities and society through the Confucius institute. In 2018, she received her qualified certificate as a mandarin teacher to speakers of other languages (CTCSOL). Targeted students in her classes can be given a variety of emphases. She encourages classroom interaction and enjoyment for children through games and competitions while business groups focus on communication skills. She frequently introduces Chinese history and culture in her classes to pique students’ interests. By learning Mandarin with her, you will make significant progress not only in language but also in terms of your capability for thought and scope of vision. Tianyun is available for both remote and in-person lessons in London. Her courses are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced Chinese language students. She is also well-versed in HSK exam preparation.

Katarina Cao

Mandarin Tutor

GCSE Mandarin Tutor London

Katarina is an IB/IGCSE/A Level/AP Mandarin Chinese Tutor based in Scotland. She is a native speaker born and grew up in Beijing. She graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. She got her Mphil degree in Chinese Literature from the University of Hong Kong. Katarina used to work for an international school in Hong Kong and has been teaching IB/IGCSE Mandarin Chinese for more than 10 years . She used a variety of teaching methods in the classroom, such as grammar-translation, the communicative approach and task-based learning. She also worked as a full-time home school teacher for 3 years in the Peak residential district in Hong Kong. Katarina has a profound understanding of different curriculums, including Cambridge IGCSE, Pearson Edexcel, IB and AP. Her students have been from Eton College (Windsor), English Schools Foundations (ESF), The Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) Chinese International (CIS) , German Swiss International, Victorian Shanghai Academy, St.Paul's Co-educational College, Diocesan Girls' School, and the Diocesan Boys’ School.

Teaches In: Remote

Cuiyi (Tracy) Cen

Mandarin Tutor

Mandarin Chinese teacher in London

Cuiyi (Tracy) is a Mandarin Chinese tutor based in London with over 10 years teaching experience in education. She has been teaching English, Chinese and drama internationally, mainly in China and UK. In London, she has taught Mandarin to students aged 2 to 12 across various schools, specializing in an engaging approach that employs drama to make the learning process enjoyable and effective. With diverse educational practice, she is experienced in instructing children of varying ages, backgrounds, and personalities. Having graduated from MA applied theatre at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she is also a director, script writer and performer of children’s plays. She has created, directed and performed children’s shadow theatre like Sweet Dreams, Monster Nian and Carps Leaping Over the Dragon Gate and had made more than 100 performances for the theatre-in-education productions. Growing up in a multilingual environment, Tracy is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, and English. With her extensive teaching experience, she comprehends the unique needs of diverse students, guiding them effectively to reach their language-learning goals.

Teaches In: London / Remote

Lei Zhang

Mandarin Tutor

Lei is a highly experienced Mandarin tutor who has been teaching Mandarin lessons in China, the UK, and online for 8 years, and has been an imperial teacher for Shell, Bosch and ITOCHU Japan. She is a native language teacher and holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of York. Her students range from 1 years old to 70 years old and come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. She is very sporty and loves Muay Thai, which she has been studying for 3 years, as well as surfing and rugby. In her free time, Lei likes to make Mandarin vlogs. She also loves to organize various Chinese cultural events. Lei is available for remote and face-to-face Mandarin lessons in London. She is experienced in HSK, Business Chinese, AP and GCSE Chinese preparation. She is also available for daily Chinese learning courses. Lei teaches Manhattan Mandarin's "Mommy and Me" toddler classes as well as YCT Mandarin kids classes at the Swinbrook House Nursery in Marylebone. 

Mandarin Tutor Chinese Lessons London

Teaches In: London and Remote

Hoi Ting Tsang

Mandarin Tutor

Teaches In: London / Remote

Mandarin Lessons Chinese Lessons London Tutor

Hoi is a native speaker born and raised in Hong Kong. Her deep-rooted background in the arts is long-standing and is coupled with strong communication, research, analytical, leadership and teamwork skills. She studied at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths, University of London and has worked at institutions and galleries both in Hong Kong and London. She is patient and enjoys working with children across the age range. Previously, Hoi attended Epsom College and was awarded an Art Scholarship. She has first hand experience of going through the A-Level exams and passing for selective boarding schools. In addition, she also holds the Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) certificate and achieved Grade 3 Level A*.
Hoi is available for both remote Mandarin lessons and in-person Mandarin classes in London.

Liam Elliot Brady

Mandarin Tutor

Mandarin tutor London

Liam is a graduate from Cambridge University’s Chinese Studies programme and is currently reading for his master’s degree in History and International Relations at the London School of Economics. He first travelled to China in 2016, visiting Chengdu, Chongqing and Beijing as part of an immersive language exchange programme. This visit ignited an enduring fascination with China’s language and culture, one that he maintains to this day. In 2022, he underwent a year-long intensive Mandarin course in Taiwan, where he also volunteered as an instructor for a local educational NGO. Prior to Cambridge, he achieved the highest mark in the country in Mandarin Chinese Pre-U in 2019. He has also co-founded a China-oriented journal; served on the committee of a China-focused speaker’s society; and written a regular column on the intricacies of Taiwan’s food culture. Academics aside, he has an avid interest in Chinese literature, history, food and football (“soccer”), all of which he would be delighted to talk about at length over a plate of fish-fragrant aubergine, a bowl of sesame-sauce noodles, or a game of mah-jong!

Teaches In: London / Remote

What Our Students Say

Harry Keyte is quite simply the best Chinese tutor anyone could possibly hire. He completely changed how our daughter felt about studying Chinese. Many Chinese tutors have excellent Chinese skills, but are not good teachers; Harry is most certainly both.


Our daughter was enrolled in an extremely rigorous Chinese program at a very competitive New England prep school. Many of the students in her class were native Chinese speakers and our daughter had dyslexia to boot. Her Chinese study, with a native Mandarin teacher, was overwhelming and frustrating. Harry completely turned things around for her, and now our daughter is even looking forward to studying Chinese in college! Harry is an extremely knowledgeable Chinese tutor, but he also is a super kind and clear teacher. He is very effective and worth every penny. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Ruth

Deerfield Academy

After School Mandarin Clubs

We love running our After School Mandarin Clubs! Each week we bring the language and culture of China to over 500 students at more than 40 of the best private and public schools in NYC and beyond.


Our After School Mandarin Clubs are typically for students in reception and years 1-6, and vary according to age groups; please be sure to contact the After School Director at your child's school as programs do vary.


Classes and curriculums remain flexible throughout the semester. Our youngest beginner students learn through games, songs, and activities, while our advanced students learn through more rigorous elements that involve reading, writing, and making more formal conversation. The ultimate goal of the program is to establish a solid language foundation upon which to build in the future, and to instill in our students a lifelong interest in Mandarin and Chinese culture.