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Best Dumplings in London Chinatown

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London’s Chinatown is a dense, restaurant-packed neighborhood in the heart of London. It can be overwhelming choosing between Dim Sum (点心 diǎnxīn), Hot Pot (火锅 huǒguō), Sichuan food (川菜 chuāncài) and all the other great choices on offer. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple and go for the old reliable: dumplings! Here are our top 5 favorite spots to grab the best dumplings in London's Chinatown:

Order the pork fried dumplings. That's it. Go do that. You will be happy. Paired nicely with some cold cucumber and 木耳 mù'er appetizers.

Best dumplings in London Chinatown Imperial China Fried Dumpling

While it's less of a 'fine-dining' experience, Beijing Dumpling has the best clean, relaxed vibe of any restaurant we've visited in London’s Chinatown. The dumpling-masters themselves are rolling out the dough and 包'ing the 饺子 right in the window. The waiters are extremely kind, especially if you are a simple 老外 who wants to practice some mandarin. It's always been a blast bringing our students here. We recommend the fried pork dumplings (猪肉煎饺), and, if you want to get real crazy with it, go with the spicy water dumplings (辣汁水饺).

Best dumplings in London Chinatown Beijing Dumpling

Best dumplings in London Chinatown Beijing Dumpling

Sha-Xian is a great little restaurant right in the heart of Chinatown. The service is fast and the waiters are very friendly. While they might not seem like a top 5 dumpling location, you will be more than happy with the dumplings! Particularly when it comes to their soup dumplings. The broth is scrumptious and the dumpling skin does not over-power. Go check out these tasty soup dumplings.

Sha-Xian Delicacies best dumplings in London Chinatown

Chuan Royal China is a classy restaurant with exquisite food, and definitely a top spot for entertaining guests in a grand style. But don't let the fancy interior fool you. This restaurant has a simple, killer soup dumpling. The Shanghai Soup Dumplings (上海小笼包) are absolutely delicious. Pair them with the Lotus Leaf Fried Rice (荷葉飯) and the Honey Roast Pork Puffs (密汁叉燒酥) and you are not going to have a bad time.

Best dumplings in London Chinatown Chuan Royal China

If you are looking for a great variation of dumplings in Chinatown, look no further! You may likely have to wait in line to get a table, as there are no reservations. But if you're dining with Manhattan Mandarin on one of our Chinatown food tours...or if you use Mandarin to ask politely, you may be able to cut the line. Don't be thrown off by most of the clientele being 老外 (Westerners and the like). Stick to the strengths here and try all the dumplings, soup dumplings, and dim sum you can.

Best dumplings in London Chinatown Dumplings Legend

We hope these suggestions are helpful! If you think we've missed a better dumpling, let us know @manhattan_mandarin_uk

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